Virginia Solidarity Economy Network

The VA Solidarity Economy Network supports, educates, and connects people striving to build a more resilient and equitable economy based on shared values.

March Learn-in: Worker Coop Ecosystems

Tuesday – March 21th – 6:00-7:30pm Online – Register by clicking this LINK. In Spanish and English When we look at the global movement to create a solidarity economy, the development of worker cooperatives are a central goal.  Much of this has to do with a focus on placing the control and benefits that a…

Winter Newsletter

With exciting things happening all around Virginia, explore the connections and relationships that VASEN is building.

Book Club – Collective Courage

Building our consciousness and understanding of systems that lead to our collective liberation is a major part of what VASEN is all about. With our first ever book club, we’ve selected a book that many have used to delve a bit deeper in the history of cooperatives in the South (a hidden history), but also…

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