Fall Newsletter

Welcome to the brand new VASEN Newsletter. We will be sending these out monthly to share things we are working on, extend invitations to events, and pass along highlights from work going on around VA and the US.

Feel to Real Recap

It was great to meet new folks and reconnect with others as we previewed this Fall’s Feel to Real Learn-in Series. Thank you for joining us. If you missed the first event, don’t worry! You can find the recording here and join us at the next one happening next Thursday, October 20th (keep reading for more info).

Over the next several months, we will be hosting monthly learn-ins that bring together a wealth of knowledge- from lived experiences and grassroots organizing to systems change- in Virginia and across the South to support community resilience and well-being. Through these events, we’ll hear more about how we’re all practicing solidarity in our communities and find a collective vision across our efforts.

October Learn-in

Thursday October 20th 6pm

Register Here

For VASEN’s October Learn-In, we’re bringing together members of Southwest Virginia’s New Economy Network, Highlander Center, and George Mason University’s Next Systems Studies to share the work they are doing building a new economy for VA. These are a few of the many voices that are striving to understand and realize new economic ecosystems with a little perspective about what others are doing across the South. Learn more about the speakers.

Highlander Center Homecoming

Last month, a few of us attended the Solidarity in the South convening as part of Highlander’s Homecoming. We basked in the beautiful views from the Hill, made new connections, and contributed to a southern beyond survival manifesto. One of the most generative parts of the day started as a small group conversation about why we’re here. In a few short moments, we had woven a web of the interconnectedness of tenants rights, community arts and defunding the police, immigrants rights and community care. Looking at our experiences through a solidarity economy framework made our common goals seem so crystal clear. 

Watch this space for more reflections, synthesis and next steps. 

Get Involved

With our commitment to democracy, equity, and a diversity of perspectives, we are always interested in new voices that want to become a part of the network. Here are a few ideas for ways you can get a little more involved.

  1. Join the VASEN LISTSERV . This is a space where members can share news and inspiration.
  2. Become a part of the VASEN Coordinating Committee. We meet once a week – Thursday at 2 pm.
  3. Help us plan a book series.
  4. Get on the map and share your story of actualizing change in VA.
  5. Maybe you have another idea – share it with us.

The VA Solidarity Economy Network supports, educates, and connects people striving to build a more resilient and equitable economy based on shared values.

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