March Learn-in: Worker Coop Ecosystems

Tuesday – March 21th – 6:00-7:30pm Online – Register by clicking this LINK. In Spanish and English When we look at the global movement to create a solidarity economy, the development of worker cooperatives are a central goal.  Much of this has to do with a focus on placing the control and benefits that aContinue reading “March Learn-in: Worker Coop Ecosystems”

Book Club – Collective Courage

Building our consciousness and understanding of systems that lead to our collective liberation is a major part of what VASEN is all about. With our first ever book club, we’ve selected a book that many have used to delve a bit deeper in the history of cooperatives in the South (a hidden history), but alsoContinue reading “Book Club – Collective Courage”

December Learn-in: Building Care Economies

December 8th – 6:00-7:30pm When we think about what it takes to make our community healthy and well, we typically point at the hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and insurance that provide direct care. While important, these systems of healthcare do not necessarily encompass the breadth of community needs and in many ways are driven byContinue reading “December Learn-in: Building Care Economies”

November Learn-in: Asserting People Power

November 17th – 6:00-7:30pm The new context of pandemics, global climate crises, and political upheaval is overturning ideas of what is possible in socially provisioning our human needs and in ways of living on this planet, both for people invested in the status quo and for those who were already exploring alternatives. How can aContinue reading “November Learn-in: Asserting People Power”

Fall Newsletter

Welcome to the brand new VASEN Newsletter. We will be sending these out monthly to share things we are working on, extend invitations to events, and pass along highlights from work going on around VA and the US. Feel to Real Recap It was great to meet new folks and reconnect with others as weContinue reading “Fall Newsletter”