November Learn-in: Asserting People Power

November 17th – 6:00-7:30pm

The new context of pandemics, global climate crises, and political upheaval is overturning ideas of what is possible in socially provisioning our human needs and in ways of living on this planet, both for people invested in the status quo and for those who were already exploring alternatives. How can a better world be realized out of the present turmoil?

For VASEN’s November Learn-in, we will explore the People’s Movement Assembly (PMA) as a method for building and governing power in the hands of those who are excluded and expelled from the places where their destinies are affected and their worlds are shaped.

Speakers will include brandon king, a community leader who has organized PMAs with Cooperation Jackson in Mississippi, and Matthew Slaats, who will share what he is learning about historic Rural Black Assemblies in southern Virginia.


Peoples Movements Assembly

Produced by the Southern Movement Assembly in 2022, the PMA is a tool for organizing people’s movement assemblies that gather people to make decisions for collective action and power.

National Association for the Southern Poor

Starting in the late 1960’s, the NASP was an effort to build Black Rural Assemblies through out the south to respond to ongoing poverty.

Modibo Kadalie – Intimate Direct Democracy

It’s Going Down – Modibo Kadalie On Capitalism, Slavery, And The Rise Of Maroon Resistance In The Great Dismal Swamp

Institute for Social Ecology Training Session on Assemblies

Assembly – Hardt and Negri –

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